Lourdes Arreola Prado – Engineer, CEO Linkenium

Lourdes Sat resting her head on her arm
Lourdes Arreola Prado

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A former electronics engineer and telecommunications manager, Lourdes Arreola Prado is the creator and founder of Linkenium, a platform to help businesses include people with disabilities by focusing on capabilities. She was appointed in 2013 as one of the 18 worldwide finalists by the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards.

Lourdes was born in 1968 in Mexico City. At the age of 15 she won a scholarship for the French Lycée in Mexico City. This change from traditional public education in Mexico, to French system opened new paths for Lourdes. She has volunteered through the years with different groups of people with disabilities in her free time (People with Down’s Syndrome, Blind people, etc.).

Lourdes graduated as Electronic and Communications Engineer at Universidad Iberoamericana. She worked in the Telecommunication industry for more than 12 years, always focused on customer service excellence. Lourdes believes in collaboration and teamwork as the key for success. In 2013 got a diplome on TICs and Disability.  Has participated as speaker in national and international congresses about disability inclusion.

Realizing how much she could learn from interacting with people with disabilities, Lourdes decided to create Linkenium in 2012, to show to the public and private businesses that Inclusion is the key to benefit from the treasures of Human Diversity.  She strongly believes that “Differences create Opportunities”

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