Gavin Neate – CEO of Neatebox

Gavin Standing by a sandstone wall

YouTube Video – Captions Available.

Gavin has spent the last 18 years working for Guide Dogs for the Blind. In the past five years he has set up Neatebox Ltd. The purpose of Neatebox was to research and develop a pedestrian crossing system which would not only address the issues faced by the person with disability in accessing the crossing but also in aiding the traffic system designers and installers in finding a solution which would address their own challenges.

During this time Gavin recognised more of the challenges faced by those attempting to access the ever improving technologies whilst at the same time expanding Neatebox’s product range. Following a one year sabbatical gavin decided to take on the work of Neatebox full time and is now talking on inclusive technology and advantages it brings to all who can access it.