Amihai Miron – CEO of User1st

Amihai Miron CEO User1st
Amihai Miron

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Amihai Miron is the co-founder and CEO of User1st, a cloud-based accessibility compliance system. Miron was born in 1973 in Herzliya, Israel, to Zvi Miron, a Holocaust survivor and an executive civilian in the Israeli Defense Forces, and Ella Miron, an international artist.

In 1995, Miron began working with disabled school children from disadvantaged backgrounds. By 1996, Miron was managing over 40 students across 15 schools throughout Jerusalem.

Prior to co-founding User1st in 2012, Miron was employee #5 at SuperDerivatives (NYSE: ICE), a financial services company acquired by the New York Stock Exchange in 2014. While at SuperDerivatives, Miron met Yossi Fessler, then a Senior Architect at the company, with whom he would co-found User1st.

In 2014, Miron was awarded the Prime Minister Prize for Entrepreneurship.

Miron holds an MBA from Ono Academy, and earned his BA in Design from Bezalel Art Design School. Miron is married to Galit Miron, and is the father to 3 children. He speaks Hebrew, English and sign language.

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