Kevyn Eva Norton – Digital Transformation Consultant & Contributor to Shadows Edge

Kevyn Eva smiling
Kevyn Eva smiling

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Kevyn Eva Norton is a “portfolio worker” – employed as digital transformation consultant at Atos Consulting and member of the Atos Scientific Community – and working as independent in the “Shadow’s Edge” team that is launching the mobile game  for teenagers facing serious health issues on 21 October 2017.

Her focus is on understanding the usability of the game and on measuring the impact of the game on building emotional resilience. She is working to build partnerships in academia and in the technology sector to develop the game further in 2018. Kevyn Eva has a background in languages and literature and has been working in technology for the past 20 years, of which seven years at Microsoft. Her passion is bringing together a humanistic point of view with a search to make best use of technology to support humans to live their fullest potential.

She supports two students in Peru with skype coaching sessions and student loans and is part of a red cross mentoring program supporting refugees in gaining access to the Swiss job market. Kevyn Eva enjoys friendships, music, sports, yoga and meditation and hopes herself and our society will create more room for relaxation and appreciation of beauty and sensuality.

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