How to participate in the AXSChat ‘Twitter Chat’?

AXSChat Twitter chat is where users from all over the world come together and hold discussions on accessibility and inclusion in business on the web.
To join in the AXSChat on Twitter all you need to do is the following:
If you haven’t already, create an account with Twitter à and follow the @AXSChat account for details.
For the chat you will need to follow the #AXSChat hashtag, as that is where all the questions and answers will appear.
Every week we have 6 different questions for our users to answer,these are posted weekly in advance on the AXSChat Questions Page.
A new question is posted every 10 minutes during the hour so we have Q1 to Q6 through the hour.
To answer the question you will need to tweet your answer prefixed with A (for Answer) and the hashtag: #AXSChat’ all within 140 characters.
Q3: Which social networks do you use and if you use more than one do you use them for different things? #AXSChat
A3: Twitter and Facebook for personal use and LinkedIn for professional use. #AXSChat.
We also recommend that you introduce yourself at the beginning of the chat – people like to say hi.

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