Heather Moore and Linn Vizard – Designers at Usability Matters

Heather Moore and Linn Vizard, Designers at Usability Matters
Heather Moore and Linn Vizard, Designers at Usability Matters

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Heather Moore and Linn Vizard are designers at Usability Matters, a user experience research, strategy and design firm that specializes in designing accessible user interfaces that work for everyone.

About Heather Moore:
Heather Moore is a visual designer at Usability Matters, where she focuses on designing accessible experiences. Before finding her true passion for user experience, she started in the print industry where she first saw the importance of accessible design while working with the Alzheimer Society of Brant. In addition to designing accessible digital products, Heather is also experienced in conducting usability testing for accessibility and performing accessibility audits. Heather has spoken at A11y TO and Accessibility Camp TO, and has worked with clients such as the Toronto Public Library, Shoppers Home Health Care, and the Azrieli Foundation.

About Linn Vizard:
As a UX and Service Designer at Usability Matters, Linn works on understanding people and what works for them. In addition to her strategic thinking and design skills, Linn is a seasoned user researcher and has conducted countless usability testing sessions with real users. She works with clients like the Toronto Public Library and Shoppers Drug Mart to create delightful, accessible experiences. Linn has presented at Interaction 16, FITC, Accessibility Camp TO, and at the A11yTO. She also teaches and mentors the next generation of designers. Connecting with people and sharing ideas is her passion.

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