Shane Moore – Former Police Officer, Best Selling Author

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Shane Moore

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Shane Moore worked 12 years as a decorated police officer and a record holding Triple-A semi-pro football player. In 2004, he was stabbed in the line of duty. To cope with sleep anxiety brought on by that event, he penned The Plea of Apollisian. The book sold so well it led to an entire fictional world, spanning three franchise writers and fourteen novels.

In late 2010, Shane was given the chance to write superhero stories for iHero Entertainment. He wrote the short story “I am Villain” and it quickly became one of the top stories for the company. It led to a contract offer from New Babel Books to write a horror novel.
In June of 2012, Shane launched The Apocalypse of Enoch, his highly anticipated “end of days” thriller that mixes Hitchcock with The Exorcist. With characters like Matt Hill (Ninja Turtles), Terry Naughton (Disney), and Peter Mayhew (Star Wars) written in the story as their literal selves, The Apocalypse of Enoch shot to his publisher’s number one best seller.

After a whirlwind tour and media blitz landing him on several TV interviews, including Saint Louis FOX 2 with April Simpson and Tim Ezell, Shane secured permission from the Department of the Navy for the sequel The Apocalypse of Enoch-Scourge and it was released in 2013. The series has spawned two product license deals, a franchise writer, and a fan group known as Z.O.D. (Zombification Orientation & Defense) with worldwide membership.

In May 2013, Shane signed with hip hop artist Steve Tibbs from Sony Entertainment’s company, California Sound Studios of Wright Records for the song “Blood and Bone” which is featured on the album #nerd Life.

In 2014, Shane launched The Forge of Feasts… A dwarven cookbook based on his hit Abyss Walker series. Also in 2014, The Apocalypse of Enoch got a spin off series by author Edward Gehlert: Children of Enoch – Dark Harvest.

With many more projects in the works, including the upcoming graphic novel Vindicated, Inc. and movie, starring Kurt Yaeger from Sons of Anarchy, Shane Moore is quickly becoming a major powerhouse in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

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