Sebastian M. Flores – Co-Founder and Accessibility Consultant of Comparlante

Sebastian M Flores A.
Sebastian M Flores A.

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Sebastian Flores, Bachelor in Diplomacy and International Relations is the Co-Founder and Accessibility Consultant of Comparlante.

Sebastian is a young leader and social entrepreneur with visual impairment/low vision (though in Sebastian’s words that term only refers to his sight condition but never to his vision) born in Quito Ecuador on October 19, 1989 who has developed his professional training with a focus on international affairs, with special emphasis on Diplomacy, International Politics, Law, Democracy and Citizen Participation, the ICTs in the context of Electronic Government and Digital Diplomacy, the role of youth in the global process of sustainable development, humanitarian issues and the consultancy on accessibility and equity for persons with disabilities, both locally and internationally.

Sebastian’s global activity as a lecturer, TEDx Speaker and young diplomat comprises a variety of scenarios: from the academic and community level, the accompanying and development of social, business and humanitarian enterprises, to his participation at decision-making spaces in parliaments, summits and Multilateral forums, international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the Organization of American States (OAS) and youth advocacy networks.

Comparlante is a technological and social entrepreneurship formed by young entrepreneurs and change agents teamed up to create innovative tools and solutions under the goal of achieving a more accessible and non-disabled world for everyone.

Comparlante was founded in 2015 in Argentina with the aim of providing a virtual platform for the access of the blind and partially sighted to reading on an accessible and collaborative format. Nowadays, Comparlante operates in 7 Latin American countries through its webpage and social media offering a wide range of services to individuals, organizations, companies, governments (among others) focused not only on the accessibility of persons with all kind of disabilities but the equal development of all sectors of our society.

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