Rob Laffan – Creator of TippyTalk

Rob Laffan

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Mr Laffan’s occupational background previous to creating Tippytalk would have been in management. In 2015 Rob attainted a degree in Engineering, specifically Automation & Robotic systems in 2015. Rob Laffan is a loving father of a beautiful little girl named Sadie, who just happens to be non-verbal. It was this love for his daughter, and a promise which all fathers make to their children, to love, protect, and provide for them, that inspired the creation of TippyTalk.

As a parent of a child with non-verbal autism Rob and his wife found the most heart breaking and frustrating thing was their daughter’s inability to communicate the simplest of things – things that a parent of a neurotypical typical child would take for granted. Such as “I want to hug”, Rob’s love for his daughter inspired the creation of TippyTalk, and now it’s his passion to share it with other families. TippyTalk is the first product created by Sadiecom, with the intention of adding value to the lives of children and adults living with a non-verbal learning disorder.

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