Felipe Alonso – Founder of Nos, Why Not?, Agency Photographers with Intellectual Disabilities

Felipe, Founder of Nos, Why Not? and Fernando, Photographer with Intellectual Disabilities

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Coming from the world of business, and after 3 years of studying photography, he created a photography studio. In the year 89, he joined as a collaborator in the newspaper “El Mundo del S XXI” in Barcelona, where he became Head of Photography of the edition of Catalunya. Since 1996, he has collaborated with the International Agency Sipa Press, and with several magazines of the sector of the economy.

In September 2011, he moved to live in A Coruña. Start teaching photography to people with disabilities Create “Nos, Why Not?” The first agency of photographers with intellectual disabilities (March 2013). It has taught more than 100 people with intellectual disabilities (including three who are also blind). It is in several cities in Spain (A Coruña, Narón – Ferrol -, Nigrán- Vigo -, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Terrassa and Sabadell – Barcelona – and in Pamplona) and collaborates with “Moro Foto”.News Service “in New York, and with” Me Workshops “in Buenos Aires. This year, he created the Beta version of the first bank of images made by photographers with intellectual disabilities (January 2017)

The definitive version will be a fully accessible image bank with news that will facilitate and promote cooperation between companies or organisations and photographers.

Url image bank Beta version: http://noswhynot.photoshelter.com