Nancy Doyle – Work and Organisational Psychologist, Neurodiversity Specialist, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Genius Within CIC

Nancy Doyle
Nancy Doyle

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Nancy is a Consultant Occupational Psychologist based in the UK and the USA; a dual national.  Nancy has worked in organisational consultancy, neurodiversity and social inclusion, as overlapping specialisms until 2011 when she founded Genius Within CIC, a non-profit enterprise which now employs around 100 people.  Genius Within delivers positive assessments, coaching, workshops and advice on careers and workplace performance for neurodiverse people and their case managers / employers.

Nancy also provides consultancy for organisations wishing to develop strategic, purposeful inclusion of neurodiversity as a development policy.  Nancy is a doctoral researcher at City, University of London and is actively evaluating & publishing the effectiveness of various disability adjustments on workplace performance for neurodiverse employees.

Nancy was finally diagnosed with ADHD her late thirties, after founding Genius Within, having been misdiagnosed throughout her teens and spending her twenties finding her feet, and then finally finding her wings.

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