Lainey Feingold – Disability Rights Lawyer

Lainey at the microphone stand
Lainey Feingold – Photo Credit Peter Korn

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Lainey Feingold is a disability rights lawyer from Berkeley, California who works with the blind community on technology and information access issues.

She is nationally recognized for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements and for pioneering the collaborative dispute resolution method known as Structured Negotiation. Using this method, and without filing a single lawsuit, Lainey has helped negotiate more than 50 legally binding national settlement agreements on accessible information and technology including web access agreements with Bank of America, Major League Baseball and many other companies.

Besides web and mobile access she’s negotiated agreements on Talking ATMs, talking prescription labels, accessible pedestrian signals, point of sale devices, braille and other alternative formats, movie audio description, and hospital services. She is currently writing a book on Structured Negotiation.

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