Karolyn Gehrig – Artist & Founder of #HospitalGlam

Karolyn Posing in a hospital gown with various monitors attached

Captions available

Karolyn Gehrig is a queer disabled artist & writer.

She began advocacy work for other patients in 2006, and recently spoke at Stanford MedicineX.

Her project #HospitalGlam, is a photo-based social movement about reclaiming clinical space for patients so they can better advocate for themselves. Below are a couple of pics but for more check out #hospitalglam on Instagram

Karolyn Sprawled on a waiting room chair

Karolyn Hooked up to a mass of wires for a sleep study

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Here the #Axschat team chat with Karolyn about the inspiration behind HospitalGlam and the positives that can be drawn from community online and offline. We lost video for Debra part way through – we think a hurricane blowing up the eastern seaboard is a fair excuse.