Jason Ménard – Ability First, Digital Echidna

Jason Menard
Jason Menard

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The Ability First Coalition is a community initiative; a group of volunteers from various sectors of business that raise awareness of disability issues in the London and area workforce. This business-to-business partnership aims to bring employers together to share best practices related to hiring and retaining people with disabilities.

Jason Ménard is Content Strategist at Digital Echidna, a web design/digital agency who hires persons with disabilities, as well as a volunteer member of the Ability First Coalition. In addition, he was the recent recipient of the AODA 10th Anniversary Champion Award, which recognizes outstanding individuals who demonstrate leadership in accessibility, disability issues, passion, and commitment in the promotion and awareness of accessibility and inclusiveness in their community. Jason believes it is not about accommodation, but rather giving people the tools they need to let their talent, intelligence, and skills shine through.

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