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Take part in our weekly 60 minute Twitter Chat from 20:00 London time or 15:00 New York time. See the time in your location.
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To keep up to date with our conversation, search for #AXSChat on twitter and take part by answering the chat questions that we have listed in the AXSChat questions section of the website. 
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3 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hello! We would love to be involved in the work you do. I am Sr. VP of Program Development for Shane’s Inspiration ( We work in the US and internationally to address bias about children with disabilities through inclusive playgrounds and social inclusion programs. We are now following you on Twitter and look forward to potentially connecting!

    Warm wishes,

    Marnie Norris

  2. Neil,
    I am newly disabled – sort of. I lost my ability to walk unassisted 8 years ago, even though I was ‘Technically disabled’ because of having AIDS for so long and spending so much of the last 15 years in the hospital and recovering from being in the hospital. I never thought of that as disabled since, once I was done with a give period of surgeries, I could still do pretty much everything I did prior to the hospital, although at a lesser level than before. As a life long athlete, not walking without a rollator was the life changer. I was finally slowed down to realize that my God given purpose in life is to help the un or under represented disabled seniors in America. America has a dreadful standard of care for these folks, and it took living in a building with 40 other disabled seniors, most of whom for a wide range of reasons, cannot either help themselves or get the resources that they need and deserve. It is my job to find the others who can, like me, effect a change and working with them to do so. What amazes me is that there ARE so many, others here and there, trying to do the same, and I wish that there was some sort of comprehensive searchable directory of all of us so that we can join hands and make things change.
    My aim, once my 501c3 is completed, to fundraise enough to acquire a bus that we will have modified by the makers of assistive technology for the home and auto, to be a rolling showroom for what is out there. We are going to visit 20 cities the first year, and several National Parks to conduct recorded interviews with disabled seniors from all over the land – have them tell us their stories, the barriers they face, their dreams of the future, and if they have an assistive device, what is good/bad about it. We will be bringing along our prototype ‘dream rollator’ whose features were arrived at through my personal interviews of over 300 users whom I would see on the street during my personal travels. Of course, if someone wants or needs their identity kept private, we will make it so. My aim is to be inclusive – period. The more variety, the better. While I will do a daily video blog, we will produce a serialized documentary that will tell everyone what many already know, but none of us wanted to admit about ourselves or our nation. I can hardly wait to take the AdvanceAbilities bus on the road. Oh yeah, one other thing I ask every person I tell about our project is – If you know anyone who wishes to be interviewed or has a bus / bus-like RV that they no longer use and want to donate, please contact me. We will provide confidential translator services for interviews as needed.
    I believe that we can make a difference for those in need – BIGTIME! AXSCHAT IS A WONDERFUL WAY TO DO THIS TOGETHER.

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