Dr. Flip Schrameijer – Sociologist, Mental health specialist, Novelist, & Founder of Architecture for Autism

Flip Schrameijer
Flip Schrameijer

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Flip is a Dutch sociologist with a PhD in social psychology who worked for seventeen years at the Netherlands Centre for Mental Health as a researcher and manager. Self-employed since 1996 as a researcher, writer and consultant.

Wrote several books on mental health issues (two about the problems and treatment of disturbed juvenile delinquents, one on the idea’s and treatment of schizophrenia over the past 25 years, centred around the Amsterdam Adolescent Clinic of Amsterdam university). Did research and consultancy in the fields of mental health policy, psycho-oncology and work disability, among others.

After writing three books for and about the treatments and philosophy of the Autism Centre Dr Leo Kannerhuis, in 2009 he embarked on a book about architecture and autism, based on the extensive building and design experiences of the Kannerhuis. It appeared in November 2013.

Researching this subject he became convinced adapted architecture can have an underestimated contribution to the well-being of people on the autistic spectrum of the same magnitude as the best treatments. Recognizing the need of bringing together a variety of insights and experiences from the design of schools, treatment and long-stay facilities, (semi-) independent living arrangements and parental homes, he founded the bilingual website Architecture-For-Autism.Org. Its aim is to further the knowledge base in a systematic fashion, offering both practical recommendations and the considerations behind them. As an on-going project it aspires in the longer term to contribute to evidence based design for autism.

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