Debra Ruh – CEO of Ruh Global / Co-Founder AXSChat

Debra Ruh
Debra Ruh


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Neil  & Antonio interview AXSChat Co-Founder Debra about her upcoming book:

“Uncovering Hidden Human Capital: How Leading Corporations Leverage Multiple Abilities in Their Workforce”

The Book Will be published by G3ict inLate December 2015 or January 2016.

Theme: Employment and Retention of Persons with Disabilities from the global employer’s perspective.

Description: People with disabilities are gaining recognition as a significant and growing market for products and services. This will only strengthen as we turn the corner.

By using accessible technology, people with disabilities can make their needs and expectations known. Now that people with disabilities have emerged as an untapped force, we are directly positioned to lead the future development of accessible technology.

1. Employment: Help employers understand the market value of including Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in the workforce
2. Accessibility: Learn the advantages of making products and services accessible to all
3. Marketing: Point out the multi-dimensional benefits in marketing to customers with disabilities

The book also explores:

• Explain the Global Demand for Workforce
• Global Carrot versus Stick
• Corporate Obstacles
• How to Beat the Odds
• Changing to an Inclusion Culture
• Enterprise Execution
• Universal Design and Accessibility
• Marketing to this Global Audience
• Global Success Stories

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