Claire Morgant – Worldline Mission Emploi Handicap

Claire Wearing a green sweater and white blouse.
Claire Morgant


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Claire Currently works in HR, for Worldline, an Atos subsidiary company specialising in payments & transactional services.

Based in Lille France Claire manages the Worldline “Mission Emploi Handicap” a program to develop employment of disabled people in France. Claire previously worked for 7 years as a recruiter in IT companies. She started learning about difficulties disabled people are facing in employment & education  through work she undertook whist studying a law masters degree: She worked in primary schools as an assistant to reinforce disabled pupils inclusion and also learnt during a job at the the French Authority struggling against discriminations and for sure from friends and relatives concerned by diseases and disabilities themselves.

Claire says: “I know that increasing people awareness on disabilities is a continuous process, then with the help of 15 deputies in each of our French locations, we organize dedicated events and trainings about accessibility and disability, we adjust work stations and we develop partnerships such as specialized training centre for disabled people or universities’ Mission Handicap.

In France the whole Atos Group is engaged on this program based upon union agreements we started to negotiate since 2008. Through discussions with employees representatives and under the State’s administration control, we are doing our best to improve awareness about any kind of disability, hire more disabled people, guarantee and adjust their career paths in a purpose of human, digital and work inclusion.

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