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Chris Iona
Chris Iona

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In 1990 after completing a 5 year degree program in architecture and ready to embark on an architectural career, Chris Lona was diagnosed with a brain tumor and a subsequent autoimmune condition. The tumor left him with double vision and the Myasthenia Gravis caused various ongoing ocular issues such as drooping eyelids. Chris wears an eye patch to help him see as normally as possible. Forced to re-evaluate his architectural career and always having an interest in album cover art, logos, taglines, and advertising, Chris gravitated toward graphic design. His work eventually evolved into a more universal design approach. A visual impairment and 20 years of design have given him a unique perspective on accessibility and access design.  Now his company, CL Design, specializes in making organizations different through tailored branding solutions with a unique capability of helping them accommodate 43% more of the population, comply with access laws, & foster social responsibility through humane, accessible online and digital experiences.  To experience a new model for online access turn on your sound and visit

“Your sites are very nice examples of going above and beyond basic requirements (for online accessibility)”—I.T. Specialist—US Access Board

“I loved your approach and work itself. You are really on to something. I am going to keep this in mind and see if I can share YOUR enthusiasm with others here. Did you get a chance to show it to (name omitted)? Or (name omitted)? Both have influence in this field within Microsoft.”—Accessibility Team Member—Microsoft

“CL Design is creating digital design work for persons with disabilities and older users.  They are innovative, accessible and creative. The Great Outdoors project is one example. It was interesting to understand how they had blended accessibility and ease of use into the DNA of the project.  The human voice audio instructions tell the visitor exactly what to do. It was easy to use the keyboard to get anywhere I needed to go with one touch of a key. The human narration was pleasing, clear and inviting. There was also optional text in case I wanted to have the text along with the narration. The images of the National Parks were absolutely stunning. Overall the presentation made me want to drop everything and go see the U.S. National Parks!

I have been in the accessibility field for many years and when people with disabilities do not have access it continues to widen the digital divide.  CL Design has invented a unique and creative solution that goes beyond compliance and allows everyone to have better, accessible and enjoyable online experiences.”—Debra Ruh—Ruh Global Communications—CEO 

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