Becki Morris – Museum DCN

Becki Morris - Museum DCN
Becki Morris – Museum DCN


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Becki Morris is a Collections Assistant from Heritage and Culture Warwickshire.  She has worked in the heritage sector for 18 years. Becki left the sector in 2011 to set up Adult Dyslexia Support which screens adults for risk of dyslexic traits and trains people with strategies.  She is particularly interested in working with families on low incomes and literacy difficulties.  Returning to the museum sector to work at Heritage and Culture Warwickshire, she has specialised in access particularly neurodiversity.

Becki was part of the Museums Association Transformers scheme for 2015-16 and has spoken on diversity in the workplace for disabled people at the Museums Association Conference 2015.

She is a member of the steering committees for the Disability Co-operative Network, the Dyslexia Adult Network (D.A.N.), and the National Local Association Representative for the British Dyslexia Association.

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