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Tuesday, 23rd May –  Rosemary Musachio


Q1 How has living with disability presented you with barriers and how have you overcome them? #AXSChat #accessibility #a11y

Q2 @RoseMusachio is a Chief Accessibility Officer what do you think the role should encompass & why are CAOs such a rarity? #AXSChat

Q3 When companies challenge you with ignorance or prejudice about #disability how do you handle it? #AXSChat #inclusion #custserv

Q4 What role does technology play in helping persons with disabilities gain & remain in meaningful employment #AXSChat

Q5 Why’s it so hard for people to see people with disabilities as sexual beings with the same wants desires & kinks as anyone else? #AXSChat

Q6 What new tech do you feel holds most promise of enabling you to do more things & achieve greater inclusion in the next few years #AXSChat

4 thoughts on “AXSChat Questions

  1. Over the years the disabled haven’t got enough opportunities in many walks of life. Media is one where their engagement is, even today, almost negligible. In India, portrayal of a disabled person, a few decades back was usually of a vicious character or using disability like dearness to create comic scenes or using disability to create awareness in the society to espouse charity. Things have changed but not much. The character of disabled is not played by a differently abled persons but by able bodied actors. I am not against them playing these characters. Do they carry the emotions and pains, aspirations and discrimination of a disabled in the right measures ? Isn’t it in a manner denial of opportunity to the disabled to realise their full potential? I thank axichat profusely for taking up relevant areas to enhance engagement the differently abled.

  2. Having enjoyed the paraolyimpics on tv, interviews and media coverage I believe the disabled question is not covering thecreal needs as achievements were celebrated to be atvthe highestvlevels. The issue is the simple things getting on every bus, entering a theatre or shops with facilities. This can stop the inclusion of every day life which is the facilitator for fullfilling ambitions.

  3. When I co-conceived and co-named: “The Americans with Disabilities Act” together with U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark on January 2, 1968, and later co-created the field of: “Rehab Architecture” together with James G. Easter, MS, which was conceived by Rex Mason, AIA, and much more, I envisioned that everything would eventually change in time for people with disabilities, here in America and throughout the world. It’s been said that: “…the more we know, the more there is we know we need to know”, and I think that’s putting it very lightly. All of us who worked so very hard and tirelessly on it did it for all of you, and now it’s time for all of you to continue to “fight the good fight”, create what doesn’t yet exist for yourselves and your posterity, and to help to make this a new day and new world for everyone who has disabilities.

  4. Thank you for that comment Mitchell J. Rappaport – I was recently given a similar message by a now deceased Grand Dame of the neurodiversity world and it’s important to feel that mentors support the next generation of work. I think AXSChat do an important role and my question is:

    How do you balance competing needs in disability? For example fonts that suit visually impaired people versus fonts that suit people with dyslexia? Is the answer to provide flexibility and personalisation to all websites and software?

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