Antonio Santos – AXSChat Co-Founder

Antonio Santos

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This week Debra & Neil put AXSChat Co-founder Antonio in the interview hot seat.

Antonio Santos is a Community Manager at Atos focussing on Digital Inclusion, Social Media Engagement and Social Business. He provides digital consultancy across the different sectors of the organisation specialising in Business Intelligence, Social Business and Social Media Analytics. Antonio was proud to serve in the military and is a veteran. He studied Sociology at University in Lisbon, and specialised in HR, Media, Telecom, and ICT Industry. He is a social entrepreneur having co-founded 3 start-ups one of which helped children learn and develop their IT and social skills. Antonio is a member of the Rotary Club and he recently helped organise the Coder Dojo in Belfast. Over the last three years Antonio has been one of the organisers of Cork Social Media Day.

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