Felipe Betancur, director of the Fundación Todos Podemos Ayudar.

Felipe Betancur
Felipe Betancur

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Felipe was chosen as the social innovator of the year in Colombia by MIT. His mission is to develop tools and aids so that people with physical disabilities can make use of technology.

He was awarded the social innovator of the year by the publication ‘MIT Technology Review’. He creates low-cost devices for people with disabilities.

Felipe started an online business when it was 14 years old, but the coldness of the sales environment led him to rethink his life project.

“I needed to feel useful to society”.

Since childhood,he has been passionate about technology; & is a self-taught inventor. Felipe even made a living selling some of his creations to his colleagues.

He admires the ingenuity of MacGyver (the character of the American series of the 90s), he loved the dramatic and unsuspected twists of ‘Mission Impossible’ and was amazed by the brilliant inventions that saved the life of James Bond and Inspector Gadget.

In 2007 he attended an event for children affected by a fire of 200 homes in his city, Medellín. He felt such joy in helping others that he decided he would earn his living that way.
After realising that there were people with difficulties accessing technology, he decided to lay the foundations of the “Fundación Todos Podemos Ayudar” and led a Digital Accessibility project.

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